US News Releases 2011 College Rankings!

US News & World Report 2011 College Rankings

August 2010

US News has released their latest rankings. Here is the list:

National Universities 

     1. Harvard

     2. Princeton

     3. Yale

     4. Columbia

     5. Stanford

     6. Univ of Pennsylvania

     7. Cal Tech

     8. MIT

     9. Dartmouth


         University of Chicago

   12. Northwestern

   13. Johns Hopkins

         Washington University in St. Louis 

   15. Brown


   17. Rice


   19. Notre Dame

   20. Emory

   21. Georgetown

   22. Univeristy of California – Berkeley

   23. Carnegie Mellon

         University of Southern California

   25. UCLA 

Liberal Arts Schools

   1. Williams

   2. Amherst

   3. Swarthmore

   4. Middlebury


   6. Bowdoin


   8. Carleton

   9. Davidson


  11. Claremont McKenna

  12. Vassar


  14. Smith

        Washington & Lee

  16. West Point

        Naval Academy

  18. Grinnell


        Harvey Mudd

  21. Bates


  23. Colby



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8 Responses to US News Releases 2011 College Rankings!

  1. Agree says:

    Cali Girl, it does look like with the ties they maybe just wanted to squeeze another school into the top 10 or something.

  2. Justwondering says:

    So, if I get into Harvard and not UCLA, does that mean UCLA or US News got it wrong?

  3. Cali Girl says:

    What a cop-out — why are there som many ties on here? If you are going to rank schools, rank them. Don’t say well there is a four-way tie here, and a two-way tie at every other position.

  4. DelmonicoA says:

    It seems odd that the military academies are thrown into the mix. No doubt they are good schools, but the military service aspect puts these schools in their own seperate category.

  5. Carlos D says:

    I wonder how the list would look if the Liberal Arts and National Universities were combined. Maybe it would not quite be an apples to apples comparison, but they certainly offer some of the same degrees.

  6. fr45 says:

    “The Situation”…is this guy watching Jersey Shore or something? Like I said in a comment to another post. The rankings are just fine with me. I will apply to the top schools on the list, because they are the top schools on the list. I have no problem with that.

  7. The Situation says:

    These rankings are kinda like the BCS football rankings, and I don’t like the BCS rankings. You throw in a bunch of factors that sound like they might be relevant. Then magically make a formula that “perfectly” balances all of these, and then voila you have your list.

  8. kj says:

    Go Harvard! For people who can’t get into Stanford 🙂

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