Stanford President Calls Rankings “Utterly Misleading”

As mentioned just in the comments on this site, the college rankings are controversial, and Williams President Falk is not alone in his criticism of the rankings — even among presidents of highly ranked universities.

Former Stanford President Gerhard Casper was even more scathing than Falk in his attack on the U.S. News & World Report rankings.  In a letter to US News, he stated that he is “extremely skeptical that the quality of a university, any more than the quality of a magazine, can be measured statistically.  However, even if it can, the producers of the U.S. News rankings remain far from discovering the method.”  Casper went on in the letter to say that “specious formulas and spurious precision is utterly misleading.”  This letter is available on Stanford’s website.

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2 Responses to Stanford President Calls Rankings “Utterly Misleading”

  1. Rod G says:

    Message to Stanford: you have a good school, deal with it.

  2. CH says:

    This seems pretty brutal, and this is from a school that does well in the rankings!

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