Forbes Ranks World’s Most Beautiful Campuses

Forbes has taken a stab at ranking the most beautiful campuses in the world.  They polled a group of architects, and here are their top 5:

1. Kenyon College (Gambier, OH)

2. Oxford University (Oxford, UK)

3. Princeton (Princeton, NJ)

4. Scripps (Claremont, CA)

5. Stanford (Palo Alto, CA)

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5 Responses to Forbes Ranks World’s Most Beautiful Campuses

  1. Carrie says:

    Where is the list with the schools with the hottest guys? That is the list I want to see!

  2. GeorgeH says:

    I’m sure these campuses are nice, or at least the main quads, are. Not to name names, but here is a school or two on here that will stick you in classrooms in the basement with no windows or dorm rooms that are about 7′ x 7′. So, sure walking to class is nice.

  3. Oxon says:

    Made a trip to the UK…Oxford is really impressive. Their “new” college is like 600 years old. The pics they always show though of the campus are the grad school or maybe the main library. I better start working on my Rhodes application 🙂

  4. Kenyon...nice says:

    I have never even heard of Kenyon. Gambier, Ohio? I guess the trees are nice.

  5. Jim CL says:

    Wow, they rank everything. I find it hard to believe these guys have seen every campus, but the ones they pick look nice. They make for good postcards home anyway.

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