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Tips from College Admissions Pros

US News provides six tips from college admissions professionals: #1:  Build on Your Academic Strengths #2:  Get a Handle on the Tests #3:  Think Outside Your Schools Extracurriculars #4:  Consider Recommendations Early #5:  Do a Social Media Check #6:  Show … Continue reading

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How Do Admissions Officers Look at Race?

This is the question that Harvard admissions officers had to answer in court testimony.  Nell Gluckman provides more details on the case here in the The Chronicle of Higher Education: How exactly do Harvard College admissions officials think about race … Continue reading

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5 Subtle Ways the Wealthy May Have a College Admissions Advantage

Sure, donating to your desired school doesn’t hurt, but Jillian Berman suggests there may be five less obvious ways that the wealthy have an edge in college admissions: Continuing disparities in K-12 education The focus on SAT and ACT scores … Continue reading

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Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard

Asian Americans discriminated against at Harvard?  That is the question in Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard.  Get more information here from P.R. Lockhart.

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