The Admissions Project

Whether you are looking for a trial run at the application process or simlpy some fresh sets of eyes to review your materials, The Admissions Project can help.  Our team will review your application materials and provide you with detailed written comments and feedback.  

Entry – The Admissions Project

Please submit any college application materials, and our team will review it and provide you with detailed written comments. You are welcome to submit a partial or complete application.  Please submit your materials to and make payment through the PayPal link below.  Our team will have our comments back to you within 5-7 days.


Re-entry – The Admissions Project

If you have previously submitted an application and would like to re-submit the same application or an application to another school, please select this option.  Our team will give your materials a fresh look as well as compare the materials to your earlier submission(s). Please submit or re-submit your materials to and make payment through the PayPal link below.  Our team will provide you with written comments within 5 days.  



Legal Notice: By submitting the materials, you are representing that the materials are your own work, and you are authorizing Admissions USA to review and use the materials without limitation. Additionally, the use of services or comments from Admissions USA does not guarantee admission into any university. 

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